Performance Spine Institute


Dr. Kimber

Welcome to the Performance Spine Institute and the Office of Dr. Robert L Kimber, MD. Our practice is a private spine surgery practice with a focus on functional restoration of your spine.

We treat very complex and debilitating spine conditions, particularly those resistant to conservative measures using the most advanced techniques of minimally invasive and muscle preserving surgery.

Your path to recovery begins today.




Dr. Kimber is a wonderful doctor. Before him I had three surgeries with no relief. I believe the Lord sent Dr. Kimber to me in my life. After this surgery, I have had no pain, and now I can return back to my active life. Thank you Dr. Kimber and God Bless you.

—¬†Elizabeth Bell

After being a paratrooper, in a major plane crash, car wreck, and working in construction and now old age (70), I developed severe back pain. I tried the VA, no help there. My luck changed when I went to a chiropractic practice and was sent to an immediate care clinic. The x-rays indicated I needed back surgery. and Dr. Kimber was recommended. He laid out what needed to be done: losing weight (I lost 45 lbs.) and preparing for surgery which was done in January, 2013. The results of Dr. Kimber’s work are outstanding. I have no more pain! I went into the surgery with complete confidence. I have had the best care possible. I have recommended Dr. K to many, many people and can’t say enough about his knowledge, talent and thoroughness. He covers all the bases and knows his stuff–just the best!

— Lance Harrington

What a blessing that I was sent to Dr. Kimber! Not only was his bedside manner excellent, he took all the time I needed to answer my questions (over and over) and explain the procedure carefully. I have been receiving accolades for my rapid recovery, but it would not be without the expertise of Dr. Kimber. My leg was in pain whenever I walked with numbness in my foot and pain in my buttocks. Dr. Kimber pinpointed the problem which was confirmed with xrays and a MRI. He replaced a bulging disk and removed bone which had built up in my vertebra pinching the nerve. Then he fused the vertebra to stabilize it. In only three weeks I was getting around without any trouble. It has now been almost three months and I am doing anything I want without any pain at all. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kimber to anyone suffering with back pain. Thank you, Dr. Kimber

—¬†Joan Daigle